Cycle King's Pennsylvania chapter Mortorcycle Club goals and objectives are to project a positive image as related to motorcycle clubs and riders. We work tirelessly to be advocates of change as related to old images and sterotypes of what motorcycle clubs and riders are.

Our mission is to establish a working relationship with all sectors of and in our communities that are positive and progressive. We advocate and encourage active participation (by all members) in the community working with young and old. These efforts include the home, schools, churches, businesses and all elected officials to reach these stated goals.

Cycle King's PA. M.C. efforts especially go out to help the less fortunate members of society. We work tirelessly to bring about a positive change for the betterment of our neighbors and communities physically, mentally and financially.

Cycle King's membership is a cross representation of all segments of society. We come together collectively with a common interest and love for safe handling and riding of motorcycles. Our motto is to live to ride another day. burn rubber - not your soul.

C.K. PA. Chapter U - No!



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